In light of this, our experts in Business, EU Law and Web Development ensure that the organizations that we cooperate with fully conform the requirements imposed on them.

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Whistlaw Platform

First and foremost, WhistLaw will provide you with the Supreme Platform that will serve as an effective, confidential and secure reporting channel for your organization.

What you will get if you choose the WhistLaw Platform:

Recovery of good reputation takes much time and effort.


We will not have any insight into any report submitted by a whistleblower at your organization.


Thanks to the access restrictions, the data will only be available to the personnel designated by you.


Every user will receive individual credentials, and logging into the system will be possible thanks to the two-step verification method.


We will make sure that whistleblowers at your company can be protected effectively against retaliation.

GDPR compliance

We guarantee that any processing of personal data occurring within WhistLaw Platform will be conducted in accordance
with the GDPR. In particular, the identity of the reporting person will not be disclosed to anyone beyond the authorized staff member(s) competent to receive or follow up on reports, without the explicit consent of that person.

Legal compliance

Our lawyers will make sure that WhistLaw Platform is updated with the necessary legal changes to ensure your full internal compliance with the Whistleblowers’ Directive.

Business growth

If you choose to work with WhistLaw, you get a chance to grow your business in conformity with EU law and in
accordance with ethical standards!

Do you want to take compliance seriously? Let’s meet to discuss how we can manage whistleblowers’ protection at your organization.

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